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Accentuate the Positive

Accentuate the positive If I ask you to tell me off the top of your head what’s not working in your business, I bet you could rattle off a dozen things fairly quickly. However, if I asked you to tell me a dozen things you’ve achieved in the last 12 …

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26 Standards of Performance for Financial Planning Greatness

Achieving greatness What separates the good from the great in Financial Planning? In fact, what separates the good from the great in any endeavour? We all know greatness when we see it. It might be in the sporting arena; a team or an individual that, in that moment, leaves everyone …

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Why We Lose from Quick Wins

The secret to smart success Do you have some goals, dreams, and ambitions for 2017? I sure hope so. Whatever it is you’re aiming for this year, you can do it. You can achieve the incredible, if you work smart. You can achieve the incredible, if you focus on the …

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Your Questions Answered

Here is a short video answering all your questions about Uncover Your Business Potential. We open our doors again in June 2015. Places on Uncover Your Business Potential are strictly limited to just 20 firms, so that I can give your business the individual attention it deserves. We book on a first-come-first-served basis. …

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Talent Management

Managing Your Top Talent Attracting and retaining outstanding staff is one of the biggest challenges to building a great business. Talent management is another one of these really obvious statements I know, but unfortunately, it is rarely executed well in small businesses. Some firms are able to do the attracting …

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