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A pile of green apples with one red apple in the foreground.

Hygiene vs Health (and why you need to know the difference)

This week I look at why you’ve got to be working on the right issues to create a genuinely healthy business that’s fun and profitable.

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Five Themes That Will Be Critical In 2023

Although predicted as a tough year ahead, I believe 2023 could be a great one for financial planning firms. Read on for 5 themes I see will help firms stand out this year.

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A newspaper with the headline "Annual Review 2022"

Observations from 2022

Here’s a wrap-up of the biggest themes I saw in play throughout 2022. Do they match your own feelings about this year?

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A climber hangs off the very edge of a protruding rock.

Can You Embrace The Struggle?

If you’re flagging at the end of the year, I’ve got some inspiration for you. Read on.

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A woman holding her head, behind her is a concrete wall with scribbles and question marks drawn on it in chalk.

How To Deal With Overwhelm

Do you sometimes find yourself buried by questions, decisions and an endless to do list and not enough time to deal with everything? Here’s how you can sort yourself out, once and for all.

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