How you can work with me

Is the spark you once had for your business starting to fade? It happens to everyone and it’s perfectly normal.

Here are two ways to get the support you need to fall back in love with your business and take it to the next level of greatness.

A transformational 3-year coaching programme for adviser-owners who want to create a world- class financial planning business. It’s like an MBA for financial planners.

Availability: By application only. Our next programme starts soon. Why not set up a call to see if we’re a fit.

Price: £650 plus VAT per month

Build a beautifully formed financial planning business that’s resilient, profitable and respected.

  • Fall in love with your business again
  • Feel totally in control
  • Gain the confidence to make tough decisions
  • Fast track your success by avoiding the mistakes that every adviser- owner makes on their journey
  • Assemble the right team around you – so you can focus on what you love and are good at

I’ll teach you how to build a business that runs like clockwork.


Affordable answers to your most pressing business challenges.

Availability: Accessible online 24/7

Price: from £149

Learn how to:

  • Simplify your advice process
  • Unravel complexities created by compliance
  • Market your business effectively
  • Demonstrate your value clearly and simply
  • Price your service perfectly
  • Build your ideal support team
  • Plan and execute like a pro
  • Niche your business for faster growth
  • Delve into your financials and make better business decisions

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Client Testimonials

I met Brett when we were an 8 person, £200M asset business. He was the catalyst to our morphing to £2BN.

—James Roberts, Partners Wealth Management

I felt that suddenly someone was actually speaking my language and really understood the challenges faced in financial planning firms. Brett’s common sense approach, straight talk and level of support has been a real game- changer.

—Shona Barr - Affinity IFA

The UYBP programme literally supercharged our progress. We rapidly gained clarity on our business plan and the steps we needed to take. Our clients now receive a full-fat and outstanding financial planning experience that’s built on a solid and sustainable business foundation. UYBP has transformed our business across the board.

—Tracey and Derek Evans - Juno Wealth Management

I’m one of the guest presenters on Uncover Your Business Potential. I’ve seen from the inside how amazing it is and the difference it makes to adviser-owners.

—Dominika Sieradzka, RIE Solutions

FP Advance’s methods are best suited to businesses that want to:

Be totally
Run their business like a
business (recognising that
financial performance matters)
Become more commercial
without losing their social
purpose (or soul)

Here’s the bottom line:

Being a great financial planner doesn’t make you a great business person. But I can.

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