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Better Wins, How to Say No & Going from Good to Great: Our 3 Most Popular Spring 2017 Articles

This week I take a look at my most popular articles over the last six months. These three have resonated most with my readers. They hit on some major topics that we focus on at FP Advance – the positives of slow but steady successes, focusing on what you really want …

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Why client focus makes for a successful advice business

Now is a great time to be adviser. I had a chat with Robin Powell at Adviser 2.0 about why. First and foremost I believe that advisory firms should be one thing and one thing only — the client. Click below to watch the video and let me know what you …

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The Value of Your Word

Do you keep your word? Anyone who believes that character matters (and I reckon that’s almost everyone reading this article), will understand the value of one’s personal reputation. If your reputation is good, then a lot of things become easier. For example, doing business with others, attracting new clients, or …

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Planning for Success: Part 2

In last week’s piece Debbie shared with us some great tips for planning an effective and productive week. This week she shares with us her daily planning practice. She’s trained me in the same process and I have to say doing the weekly planning and the daily planning has made …

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Brett’s Interview with Kristin Harad at the Implement Now Summit 

In this interview, Kristin Harad and I discuss delegation tips, how to build the right team, and the benefits of using virtual support. We also delve into my global nomadic lifestyle. This in-depth interview would be great to listen to during your commute.

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