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The Top 3 Issues Affecting Your Business Right Now

On Wednesday 22nd May at 1pm, I’m holding a lunchtime webinar . It’s about the top 3 issues I’ve noticed in how great Financial Planning firms are run, and it’s changed from the things I used to see in the past. I want to share that learning with you. It’s …

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Brett’s Interview with Kristin Harad at the Implement Now Summit 

In this interview, Kristin Harad and I discuss delegation tips, how to build the right team, and the benefits of using virtual support. We also delve into my global nomadic lifestyle. This in-depth interview would be great to listen to during your commute.

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One Day Workshop: 8th March 2016

How Do You Protect Yourself…

How do you protect yourself in the handover phase as you lead up to succession or sale? You’ve got to start handing over client relationships at some point and you certainly can’t wait until the exit date to get moving. Yet it’s a high risk move and many have been …

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Don’t Throw The Baby Out With The Bathwater!

Everyone wants to talk to you about new ways of finding the right clients, but you just want to do something that will generate good leads now! Alright. I hear you. So, what’s stopping you? Many firms have stopped doing anything that might generate a new prospective client, as the new wave of …

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You Can’t Sell Anything On Twitter

When I was first out of school and working in a consumer electronics store (selling Hi-Fis, TVs and Video recorders – remember them?) one of the top sales guys took me under his wing and told me: “You can’t sell anything over the telephone”. Potential customers used to call the shop …

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