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Track Your Pipeline Properly FP Advance Web

Track Your Pipeline Properly

One vitally important skill to master as a business owner is forecasting.  If you can accurately forecast your income it gives you a feeling of confidence. If you can’t, it can really sap your confidence.  One key metric to track that helps greatly with forecasting your future income, is what I call …

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One Small Step FP Advance

One Small Step

The killing of George Floyd in the US has unleashed a wave of protest around the world.  Like you, I was horrified to watch the video of a policeman with his knee on George’s neck for 8 or 9 minutes, eventually killing him.  It’s not the first time we’ve seen this occur …

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The productivity delusion and 2 more must-reads for your business

Summer is here at last, and here are some great articles that will help you spend more time enjoying the sunshine (hopefully). Grab a cool drink, find a shady corner and get reading. 1. The productivity delusion Brett Davidson Do you plan your day first thing every morning, or do …

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Client Review FP Advance

Are your clients talking about how great you are (Here’s how to make it happen)

For most financial planning firms, the vast majority of their time is spent on servicing existing clients.  Much of that time is spent preparing for and delivering client reviews; or ongoing planning meetings, as some people prefer to call them.  Your ongoing planning meeting is the engine-room that delivers client …

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Cutting stones or building cathedrals fp advance

Are you cutting stones or building cathedrals?

Have you ever gone through a phase in your life where you can’t quite get yourself out of bed in the morning? I mean literally. For days, weeks or months on end, your motivation seems to have left the building. I’ve occasionally had these phases in my own life and …

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