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Guest Blog: My Adventures With Technology

This week I’ve got a special guest blogger talking about the changes they made to their tech stack, and how it’s dramatically improved both the client experience and speed of engagement.

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Behind the Business- BlueSKY Chartered Finanical​ Planners

This week I take a look behind the scenes at one of my current clients, BlueSKY Chartered Financial Planning.

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Behind the Business: Bridge Investments

Bridge Investments, based in Edinburgh, are a fantastic husband-and-wife team running a brilliant and growing Financial Planning business. Angus and Shadi Kirk enrolled in our first ever Uncover Your Business Potential (UYBP) course three years ago and are just about to graduate in June 2017. They are lovely people, family …

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Behind the Business: Holland Hahn & Wills

Holland Hahn & Wills, based in Hampton Wick, are a Financial Planning business that are really finding success and going places. The three partners, Chris Hirsch, Jason Lurie and Simon Ainley, are all in their 50s and doing some of the best work of their careers, proving that it’s never …

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Behind the Business: Fortitude Financial Planning

Fortitude Financial Planning, based in Northants, are a brilliant financial planning business. I use the word ‘business’ rather than ‘firm’ or ‘practice’ quite deliberately. Their approach, and the success they’re achieving, provide a great example to anyone trying to build a business that doesn’t lose its core values as it grows …

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