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One voice CAN make a difference

Self-serving scandal  If you follow the news it’s pretty hard not to get wound up about something or other on a daily basis. Why? Because some people and some organisations just seem to have forgotten who they serve. In fact, serving others is not even part of their agenda. Serving …

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Behind the Business: Fortitude Financial Planning

Fortitude Financial Planning, based in Northants, are a brilliant financial planning business. I use the word ‘business’ rather than ‘firm’ or ‘practice’ quite deliberately. Their approach, and the success they’re achieving, provide a great example to anyone trying to build a business that doesn’t lose its core values as it grows …

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Focus: A Call To Action

One of the great frustrations of running your own business is feeling like you’re on a treadmill, or stuck at your current level of growth. Of course, this happens to everyone from time to time but if you’ve been stuck for a while and want to start moving forward again, …

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Back Office Efficiency

Is your back office working as efficiently as it could? This week I take a look at some of the common symptoms of back office inefficiency issues and offer a simple strategy to overcome it. The topic of back office efficiency has been in my sights of late; it always …

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Addressing Owner Dependency

The Curse Of The High-Producing Owner In most advice businesses the Owner/Adviser is the best producer in the organisation. This can be both a blessing and a curse, and creates a degree of owner dependency. The Blessing It’s a blessing because all businesses that work have a rainmaker, who is …

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