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Must-reads for your business: May 2020

BY brett

There have been some excellent articles this May that I don’t want you to miss. Here are some of the must-reads to get your business in shape.

1. Death by a thousand cuts

Brett Davidson

Death By Thousand Cuts FP Advance

In a competitive environment, getting a little better all the time doesn’t look like much chop either in the short term. If I hire better staff that cost a bit more, will anyone notice? If we spend extra time building cash-flow models for all of our clients, what difference will it really make?

Our clients love us already. However, in the long term, it’s these things that separate the great from the good. Just like compound interest, these small positive additions add up. Read on to find out more.

2. What’s your version of success?

Brett Davidson

In business, it’s all about the results. We live in a world where the outcome is what people want to know. Nothing matters more. Except that when you really start to look at what matters it seems there are plenty of other contenders for the crown. Here are some things you might want to focus on, in addition to the results.

3. If only there was a pill to fix it

Brett Davidson

Wizard business wins - FP Advance

Do you have some goals, dreams, and ambitions for 2020? I sure hope so. Whatever it is you’re aiming for this year, you can do it.

You can achieve the incredible, if you work smart.

You can achieve the incredible, if you focus on the bigger vision (a goal bigger than money).

You can achieve the incredible, if you improve; and there’s always room for improvement.

You can achieve the incredible, if you put the good of your team and your organisation first.

There’s a formula for success. But it’s not what you might be thinking. Read on to find out more.

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Death by a thousand cuts and 2 more must-reads for your business

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