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Is Pricing Your Services Tricky, Or Just Scary?

This week I take a look at the interesting area of pricing your services. Everyone has an opinion on this. Read on to find out mine.

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Painful Business Lessons: Get Rich Slow, Not Quick

The upside of mistakes Here’s the second article in my series on mistakes I have made and learned from in my career. Maybe they will be helpful for you too. Lesson Two: Do things well rather than quickly I know not everyone is wired this way, but I’m a doer. …

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Painful Business Lessons: Making Tough Decisions

How many wrongs make a right? I was reflecting recently on all the things I’ve done wrong, and learned from, in my career. So this is the first of a 27-part series on those mistakes. Ok, I’m kidding about the 27-part series, but I reckon I could fill it if …

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