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Should You Charge Hourly Rates For Advice?

I’m not saying that hourly rate charging doesn’t have a role to play for some jobs in some circumstances, but in general I don’t like hourly rate charging for several reasons: As a client who pays hourly rates to an accountant and legal people myself, I always find it a …

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Getting Your Packaging Right

Most firms struggle with packaging up what they do, but it’s absolutely critical to get this right. Without it you are constantly trying to figure out and explain what it is you do. It’s tiring. So where do people struggle? 1. They don’t see or understand their true value The …

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Launch of Financial Planning Innovation Co-operative

We recently held the inaugural meeting of The Financial Planning Innovation Co-Operative in London. Its aim is to foster innovation in Financial Planning through the sharing of ideas globally. I like the following quote: “We often use the words “creativity” and “innovation” interchangeably but we should not. Creativity is about …

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