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How to Recruit the Best Young Talent and 4 more must-reads for your business

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A change in season

Autumn has definitely arrived in all its splendour. While you’re breaking out the winter coats for the change in the weather, it might be time to think about making some changes to how you do business too.

This October was packed with great must-read business articles that we shared on FP Advance social media. Here are five articles that really got me thinking, just in case you missed them.

Happy Halloween and enjoy these great reads.

The NextGen approach to recruiting financial planners

Rohan Sivajoti
best young talent | FP Advance

Here’s a great article from Rohan Sivajoti, the co-founder of NextGen Planners, on how to think and act differently if you want to recruit the best young talent into your business.

Why a Chief Marketing Officer Wants His Best Employees to Quit

Suzanne Lucas

I love hearing enlightened conversations about how to treat employees. This one might seem totally contrary, but I concur wholeheartedly.

Want to succeed? You need systems not goals

Oliver Burkeman

Oliver Burkeman at The Guardian says, “As anyone whose employer foists ‘performance targets’ upon them already knows, a fixation with goal-setting has many downsides… A system, by contrast, is ‘something you do on a regular basis that increases your odds of happiness in the long run’, regardless of immediate outcome.”

So focus on systems, not goals. I like it.

Danger ahead when non-advisors buy planning firms

Bob Veres

Veres is concerned by outside (private equity or publicly-traded rollup) ownership of financial planning firms in the US, arguing that introducing a third interest in the firm/client relationship can undermine the profession’s credibility.  Accounting and law firms have rules that prevent corporations or investors from owning them, and planning firms should play by similar rules if we aspire to create a profession.

Well worth a read if you own a firm here in the UK.

How to Achieve Everything You Desire and Aspire To

Joseph Deitch

The author of Elevate: An Essential Guide to Life says that an open heart and an open mind is the path to enduring growth.  For change to occur, we have to be open to it—and most people are not.

We have to overcome our self-imposed limitations, biases, fears and misconceptions. We have to question our reality. We have to pay attention to ourselves, making a conscious act that expands our consciousness. Otherwise, we’re stuck in our perception of the world, and that limited awareness defines our reality. The goal is to turn frustration into fascination, and then everything gets better.

How to Recruit the Best Young Talent plus 4 more must-reads for your business from this October

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