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Why we hate to plan and 3 must-reads for your business

BY brett

July seems to have flown by in a flash, and now we’re in the midst of the summer holiday season. Perhaps now’s the time to reflect on how your year has been so far, and what your plans are for the rest of the year? As well as taking a little bit of time for yourself, to recharge. 

Here are 4 reflective reads for you to enjoy this July! 


Why we hate to plan…

Brett Davidson

Failing to plan effectively is one of the biggest roadblocks to success for most businesses I work with. Here’s how you can get better at it.

I think everyone knows that planning ahead is a better course of action than not planning ahead. 

Yet most businesses I know don’t plan ahead very well.

Read on to find out why…

Unbiased increase prices; how should you react?

Phil Bray

I thought this was a fantastic article by Phil Bray regarding recent price rises at Unbiased. If you’re trying to evaluate whether Unbiased should be part of your marketing mix this will help, and it also links to a range of other articles and helpful cheat sheets Phil has created.

The rise of the IFP and financial planning

Nick Cann 

As Adam Carolan says, “This was an extremely brave podcast.” Nick Cann is the former Chief Executive of the Institute of FinanicalPlanning (IFP). In 2013 he had a stroke and suffers from speech aphasia. Nick is still confident that we can pull off the vision the original members of the IFP had many years ago. Well worth a listen. 

Email is Not Free

Tom Cochran 

Tom Cochran, writing in Harvard Business Review says, “To me, email is the most abused method of communication in every office environment. And the widespread perception that it has no incremental cost is chronically damaging workplace efficiency. The challenge we are facing isn’t an aversion to technology, but change. There is an entrenched level of comfort with email, making it habitual and a communications crutch.” I’ve been reading some Cal Newport recently (Deep Work and Digital Minimalism) and this HBR piece was something he referenced. It’s a short article and will challenge your thinking re-email. I believe inappropriate email management wastes huge amounts of adviser and business owner time. Highly recommended.

Not planning allows you to kick decisions down the road, although not by choice, but by accident.

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