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The Round Up!

BY brett

Summertime Selling Skills

Over the last 9 weeks we’ve covered the biggest mistakes advisers make at first meetings. Whilst each one on its own is a clanger, the key is trying to eliminate all of them to create a really powerful first meeting experience, both for you and the prospective client. Therefore, for the final week of my Summertime Selling Skills series, I give you a checklist of no-nos as we to do a quick refresh. The Round Up

Top 10 First Meeting Mistakes

Mistake 1: Talking Too Much

Mistake 2: Using A Fact Finder

Mistake 3: Going For The Jugular

  • Don’t be a vampire adviser by asking just one or two questions, then diving right in there telling clients how to solve whatever it is they’ve mentioned.
  • Hold fire and ask more great questions.
  • Step out of your ‘selling comfort zone’ and open up a broader, higher value discussion around the client’s real life goals.
  • Click here to read the ‘Are You A Vampire Adviser?’ blog in full.

Mistake 4: Not Giving Enough At The Right Time

  1. you listened
  2. you understood
  3. you can help
  4. you are a genuine professional

Mistake 5: Fluffing The Fee Discussion

Mistake 6: Committing The Client To All Three Phases

Mistake 7: Not Asking Searching & Interesting Questions

Mistake 8: Not Dealing With The Answers (A Mistake In Two Parts)

1: Not Listening

  • You start asking great questions and your brain gets so caught up in what you are going to ask next, you miss the client’s answer. So listen up and really pay attention to what the client is saying.
  • Record the meeting so you can listen again later.

2: Not Recognising The Significance

Mistake 9: Doing The Perfect First Meeting…To Only One Person

  • When working with a couple, make sure you don’t hold the first meeting with only one half of the couple.
  • Two outcomes are likely if you do a great first meeting to only one half of the couple:
  1. they don’t come back (because the person who attended the meeting can’t communicate your value as well as you can)
  2. the person who attended the meeting comes back with their partner and you have to do the first meeting again

Mistake 10: Not Juggling All The Above

  • There is a lot to think about, and the first meeting can seem like a juggling act!
  • The key to a great first meeting is to have a simple but effective, and repeatable process.
  • Make a video or an audio recording of your first meetings, so you can pick up which of the above habits you have, and start to eliminate them.
  • Role play with colleagues, help each other out and practise.
  • Now, just do it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the Summertime Selling Skills series and that it has reminded you of some of the basics of good communication at the first meeting. Next week we kick off the new Autumn Review Series.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on the Summertime Selling Series. Leave a comment in the comments section or drop an email to [email protected]

Take Action

If you’d like to work with me directly on addressing your first meeting skills for you or your team drop me a line at [email protected] or give me a call on 0333 939 0027.


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