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Are Your Big Goals Big Enough?

Eyes on the prize It’s accepted wisdom that setting goals is important. Yet, for most clients I work with, I’ve seen a range of different approaches fail. Let me give you some insight into what works best. The three types of goal There are different types of goals. Who knew? …

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Are You Outrageously Expensive or Too Cheap?

The price is right There’s a lot of discussion around what is the ‘right’ way to charge for Financial Planning services. I get it. We’re at another inflection point in the development of our profession, and it’s right to question everything, including how your business charges. You need to be …

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5 Behaviours to Make Your Year a Success

New year, new goals This year you might be setting some big goals for yourself. That’s great, but do you have the skills required for you to actually achieve those goals? More of the same might get you to your objectives. If that’s the case this article isn’t for you. …

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Employed vs Self-Employed Advisers: which is best for business?

The self-employed adviser question In my time consulting with businesses across the UK and Ireland I’ve worked with hundreds of different firms. Some made up of employed advisers and some with advisers who are self-employed. Which works better? My experience has been that firms with self-employed advisers tend to do …

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Ask the Expert: Julie Littlechild – Have you ever felt out of control?

Julie Littlechild is the Founder of Absolute Engagement. She is a recognised expert on engagement, a speaker, writer and researcher.  Her firm translates on-going research into meaningful workshops and programs for financial advisers. Here are her excellent practical tips to get you re-focused when you are feeling like being busy …

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