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5 Must-Reads for Business: Sept 2017

BY brett


icon__0017_analysisMust-reads you might have missed

We’re heading into the last quarter of the year. Still time left to get your business on track and finish 2017 with a bang. Here are some great must-read articles we shared on FP Advance social media this September to help you on your way.

Some great stuff being shared this month. Well worth a read.

DIY Marketing to Sharpen Your Message

Gail Graham


“I love this opening line: “Paying for marketing materials when your core message is unclear is a waste of time and resources, both of which are in short supply for most advisors.” Fortunately the article goes on to provide you with a simple (not easy) methodology of how to uncover your core messaging.

Now you’re good to go and speak to a marketing professional, or to finish the job yourself. Some great advice here.”

Jack Quigley: Why I blasted the Wallabies on Facebook – and how Michael Cheika responded

Jack Quigley


Here’s how to handle tough feedback directed at your organisation. Wallabies coach Michael Cheika phones a fan whose Facebook rant attracted over 30,000 views.

Not just for Rugby fans this one, it’s a lesson in leadership.

Facebook plans to tackle Silicon Valley housing shortage by building its own

David Ingram


This story reminds me of the old Quaker businesses. They focused on prosperity for the whole community, for moral reasons, but also recognising that their workers were their future consumers. So creating a stable and solid workforce was sensible.
Contrast that with the ‘minimum wage, maximum profit and to hell with everyone else’ approach that society is now railing against. Interesting.

Work/Life balance is bullshit

Tobias van Schneider


Ah, the catchy title! I just had to read this because I actually believe in work/life balance (although it’s becoming cool to say it’s bullshit).

Despite my potential conflict here I loved the article and I suspect Tobias and I would get along just great.

From the Ritz to a Padded Cell: A Workaholic’s Lesson on Love and Loss

Lindsey Boggs


Here’s a great reminder on retaining perspective when it comes to your life and work. We’ve heard the story before, but this is a very honest and powerful version that I can highly recommend.

5 must-reads for business you might have missed this September


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