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Must-reads for your business: November 2020

BY brett

The last weeks of the year are fast-approaching so it’s time to slow down and refresh your hard-working brain. Here are a collection of great must-read business articles this November, to give you a new perspective and start you thinking about next year.

1. The Airbnb playbook for managing in a crisis

Brett Davidson

FP Advance AirBNB

Your number one focus when managing the team should be to keep them happy and working to their strengths. That’s the thing that helps you retain employees. And retaining people has a huge economic advantage in that you’re not wasting time perpetually recruiting and training new staff. Longevity also sends a message of stability to your clients.

Airbnb (and other forward-thinking companies) provide a great example for all of us trying to run successful 21st-century businesses.

2. Strategy and service are directly connected

Brett Davidson

FP Advance Strategy and service

All of the great financial planners I know are totally client-focused. Some are also great business people. Others find the business side of things harder to get to grips with. When it comes to serving clients the ONLY way to do that is to be 100% focused on them and their issues in any meeting. It’s no good thinking about staffing, profit margins and pricing in that situation.

Read on to find out why.

3. What’s the one thing that changes everything?

Brett Davidson

FP Advance One thing Blog Header

If you’re feeling stuck and you’ve been pushing too hard for too long you need to identify the one issue that, if you can crack it, will let you get to another level of business performance. And with a bit of thought, you can do that.

Here are three issues that I see blocking a major next step for many firms. They’re not the only issues, but they come up a lot.

The Airbnb playbook and two more must-reads for your business

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