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Must-Reads for Your Business: September 2019

BY brett

September is the start of ‘business season’, where clients come back from the summer break ready to make decisions about their financial future. It’s also a time when many businesses look at the goals they’ve set for this year to see if they’re on course to achieve them. It’s not to late to finish 2019 with a flurry. 

With that in mind, here are 4 of the best reads from September to help you refocus and realign. 

The First Law of the Domino…

Brett Davidson 

When you solve one small thing, other problems you thought were issues tend to fall off your issues list as well. The real effort is in identifying that first baby step you need to take. 

The Science Behind Building an Enduring Practice

Scott MacKillop

The author asks what, in this ever-changing marketplace, is eternal? He notes that when Jeff Bezos founded Amazon, he focused not on technology, but on the eternal desire of customers to provide low costs, fast delivery and vast selection. Technology was just a means to that end. What should advisers focus on that is never going to change? Read on to find out.

6 Types of Niche for Financial Advisors to Differentiate Themselves

Michael Kitces 

Michel Kitces says, “Firms who are unable to differentiate will struggle to grow further, even if they’re serving their clients well and providing good value… because the prospective client’s perception is that every other advisor too.” In this Guest Post, financial advisor marketing consultant, Stephen Wershing, shares his perspective on how advisors can better understand the range of niche choices in order to pick the one that best suits them. 

Schwab Survey 2019 Benchmarking Study


Here’s a link to a 2019 benchmarking study of advisers in the US by Schwab. I’m thinking this might be of interest to a lot of UK business owners. The most interesting statistic to me? The best US firms are growing at 15% pa (which means they will double in size very 5 years), while the rest are growing at 3.7% pa.

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