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Life's A Mirror

BY brett

You know when everybody is talking about the latest film and how great it is, but you go to see it and think it’s average?

I had one of those experiences recently. I attended an event that I thought would enhance my business with a line up of top speakers assembled. But when I attended it was clear that there was very little in the way of genuine value. The event was merely an excuse to convince attendees to ‘buy’ a much bigger and more expensive course.

Don’t get me wrong

I may sound hypocritical for a second because I am sure I’ve done to others what I am relating to you here. But I’m going to talk about it anyway because something just didn’t feel right, that’s all I can tell you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a businessman and a pragmatist. I accept that we live in a world that is less than perfect at times, so people and businesses offering less than perfect goods and services is what we mostly get. No problem. Better an 80% solution out in the world taking us forward than a vacuum waiting for 100% solutions.

Here’s the issue; because the supposed value didn’t materialise, I felt mislead. I went with a positive expectation, but I didn’t get what I had paid for. I knew the person and the business in question already and had bought into what they were selling, but once I got that feeling of disappointment it was impossible to shake. I’m not sure I’ll be dealing with them again.

The bottom line was it felt like they were trying to sell me something as opposed to genuinely caring about me and my issues. I didn’t like it.

It has made me take a long hard look at my own business

Looking at myself

I’ve heard someone say, “If you spot it, you’ve got it.” What they were referring to was when you see something in someone else it’s probably because it is in you. For example, when I say “He’s really selfish that guy” it is often because I am acting selfishly somewhere else. I see it in them because life is a mirror reflecting back at me.

It has made me take a long hard look at my own business and as a result I’m making big changes. I’m asking myself when people come to me do they receive more than they expected or do they walk away a little disappointed?

I’ve started building some new ways for clients to access the information FP Advance has available; ways that are more accessible and cost effective. Is this of value to you?

My life lesson this week is to ensure that I am focusing on giving something worthwhile. Like I said earlier, I’m a businessman, I realise we all sell something. But it can be sold with care and empathy or it can just be sold. I want to commit to the former and I want to work with people who feel the same way.

What do you need to move forward and how can I help? Let me know with your comments below, or DM me on Twitter, drop me an email or give me a call.

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