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How to achieve your goals and 3 Must-Reads for Your Business: August 2019

BY brett

Have you had the chance to step back and reflect in August? Holidays provide the perfect time to step away and re-align our goals and values. 

Here are our Must Reads for your Business this August, that are sure to get you ready to achieve your goals in the coming months!

So, sit back, relax and have a read…

How to achieve your goals and enjoy the chase…

Brett Davidson

It’s great to have goals and to be chasing them down. And it’s also important to enjoy yourself along the way. 

One of my favourite affirmations is “How I live today, is how I live my life.” Working hard and getting after your dreams can be loads of fun and hugely rewarding. It doesn’t have to be a hard slog.

In my experience, when it is a hard slog, it’s usually a sign of underlying problems, that if fixed, can transform your days and weeks into something fun.

What would make working life more fun for you and your team?

Is your firm ready for the new IPO millionaires? 

Kimberly Foss

The Uber IPO produced a whole bunch of newly-minted millionaires in their late 20s and 30s who are unprepared for sudden wealth—but the column notes that these events actually happen all the time, and there are many people who are suddenly overwhelmed with pitches from marketers of yachts, heli-skiing and high-end real estate, and whose friends, relatives and neighbours are now asking them for a piece of their newly-acquired riches. The author’s firm helps people deal with the responsibilities of greater wealth, sort through their deepest goals, and prioritise what they do with their windfalls.

Finding The Confidence To Charge The Fee You’re Really Worth…

Michael Kitces

In this podcast, US adviser Linda Leitz tells how she has structured her financial planning fees tied to a client’s income, net worth, and complexity.  She also discusses the way she presents this information to clients using a fee calculator to validate the price; the way she positions her retainer fee increases during biannual renewals, showing clients how their fees compare to what another advisor’s AUM fee might be; and how the biggest problem when quoting financial planning fees is not that clients try to haggle the price down, but that as advisors, we often haggle our own fees down due to our own self-doubt. Also, what it took for Linda to finally stop the temptation to give clients a discount the moment they flinched or gasped at the cost of her services.

Connolly Owens: Junior Sales Associate

Ron Lovett

Ron Lovett started a security firm that actually gave security guards on the front line complete autonomy to make decisions (which I read about in his book Outrageous Empowerment – recommended) 

Here’s a short YouTube video of Ron recruiting new talent. The best line is later in the video – “Do not send your resume.” Well worth a look.  

“When losing isn’t actually losing”

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