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Free Webinar: Breaking Through Three Critical Blockages

BY brett

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I’m running a FREE WEBINAR on Tuesday 10th March at 2pm.

I’ll be talking about three critical blockages that prevent small advisory businesses from breaking through and becoming more fun and more profitable.

The first blockage is probably the biggest one that I see in all small firms; a team that doesn’t quite work.

Imagine you could create your ideal support team:

  • Where you never had to check their work
  • Where they did their jobs better than you could
  • So you got back to what you love and are good at
  • And you were 2 or 3 time more productive than you are now

The second blockage is around good diagnostic skills; something that’s essential if you’re running your own business. I see well meaning business owners spending hours, weeks, months and sometimes years, struggling to move forward. But they’re working on the wrong issues.

Imagine you knew exactly what to work on to get your business unblocked.

  • You’d save time (and we’re all time poor)
  • You’d see quicker results for your efforts

The third blockage is around business management and effective communication with your team. For some reason small firms tend not to have regular team meetings. Or if they do no one wants to attend. I think it’s a hangover from leaving large corporate culture where all they seem to do is have meetings. There is a happy medium where meetings are focused specifically on solving issues that help you move forward.

Imagine you communicated brilliantly with your team:

  • Issues got discussed and solved every week
  • Which re-energised you because you could see progress every week
  • And your business became more profitable and valuable for you and your family

There’ll be plenty of time to ask questions around these issues and I’ll let you know what to work on to resolve them.

click here to register (remember, it’s free!)

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