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Best Business Wisdom from the Web: May 2017

BY brett


5 Must Reads from May

With a general election around the corner and the future uncertain, here are some great business articles to help you stay on course no matter what happens. Here are some of the most read and shared links from the FP Advance social media channels this May.

Well worth a clicking on:

The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship

Jessica Bruder


If you’re interested in the psychology of running your own business (and it can be tougher than you think at times) then this is a great piece. I liked this quote: “Rather than showing vulnerability, business leaders have practiced what social psychiatrists call impression management–also known as ‘fake it till you make it’. Highly recommended stuff from Inc. Magazine.

Jason Butler (@jbthewealthman) sent me this one via Twitter.

Mark Tibergien on the Rise of the
Professionally Managed Financial Advisory Firm

Michael Kitces


I still think Mark Tibergien talks the most sense out of all the people I listen to on practice management. Here’s a great podcast interview with Michael Kitces on Professionally Managed Advisory Firms. Listen to it in the car if you have to.

Thanks to Paul Armson from Inspiring Advisers for bringing this one to my attention.

The Wish List I Made After My Wife Almost Died

Carl Richards
wish-listCarl Richards’ wife was injured in a climbing accident in New Zealand (thankfully she’s ok). However, it got him thinking about what really mattered.

Here’s his powerful story over at The New York Times.

The 1 Percent Rule: Why a Few People Get Most of the Rewards

James Clear


Being just a little bit better can make a huge difference to your place in the business pecking order (and your income).

Here’s a great article from James Clear on the importance of constantly seeking small improvements.

What the Best Mentors Do

Anthony K. Tjan

Here’s the dope on mentoring. Focus on four things:

  1. Put the relationship before the mentorship 
  2. Focus on character rather than competency 
  3. Shout loudly with your optimism, and keep quiet with your cynicism
  4. Be more loyal to your mentee than you are to your company.

A must-read from Harvard Business Review for all leaders.

“5 unmissable May must-reads from the best and brightest in the business world”


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