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Best Business Wisdom from the Web: July 2017

BY brett

Best Business Wisdom | FP Advance

5 Must Reads from July

Over halfway through the year already and your summer holidays should be in full swing. July has seen some great must-read business articles. We shared them on FP Advance social media, but here they are if you missed them.

Get your brain ticking over on your summer break. Well worth a read.

The CEO View: Defending a Good Company from
Bad Investors

Sarah Cliffe defending

Fantastic brief interview with David Pyott, former CEO of Allergen. Some great views on the importance of having a goal bigger than money, and getting employee buy-in to what you stand for as a company.

A must-read for all business leaders in my opinion.

Chelsea are Premier League champions: How did Antonio Conte do it?

Phil McNulty


Successful teams are like successful businesses; planned, focused and organised.

Here’s a great read (if you can put your football passions aside) on how to turn around an organisation and get it realigned for success. Thanks to Alan Smith for this one.

Do You Have 465 Things to Get Rid Of?

Kerri Richardson


Ever feel like you’ve got too much ‘stuff’ in your life? Kerri Richardson calls it clutter, and she’s a world leading expert in helping you to thin it out and live more life as a result. It might be physical clutter, emotional clutter, or electronic device clutter. Did you know that the average US household contains 300,000 items? I’ll bet it’s much the same in the UK too. That’s a lot of stuff.

Check out this article for a simple but very effective way of clearing some clutter over a 30-day period. You won’t believe the difference it can make to your life.

Nick Murray: Wake Up to The Golden Age of Financial Planning

Christopher Robbins


Here’s a positive reminder of how great things are in our profession from Nick Murray, speaking recently at a US conference. He notes “that the dominant storylines in recent months have been about the Department of Labor’s fiduciary rule, fee compression, robo-advisors, increased competition and the election of President Donald Trump.”

He also goes on to say, “Planning proper retirement accumulation, planning proper retirement distribution and planning that something should be left over for legacy is priceless. If you think anybody, much less a bank, can do what I do for 25 basis points less, you and they deserve each other, and the sooner I get you two together, the happier we will all be.” A must read.

Bots Won’t Just Help Us Buy Stuff. They’ll Help Us Become Better Versions of Ourselves

Michael Schrage


Here’s one for the futurists. Tomorrow’s most effective executives will merge and marry workplace data and analytics to digitally design more productive versions of themselves. Those digital ‘selves’ will shape how work gets done. In this data-rich future, enterprise AI is less about ‘artificial intelligence’ and more about ‘augmenting introspection’.

If software servants like Siri get augmented or supplanted with selvesware, executives and employees alike could be empowered to craft high-performance variants of themselves — selves that are measurably smarter, bolder, more creative, more persuasive, and/or more empathic than their ‘typical’ or ‘average’ (in other words, actual) physical selves.

“5 of the best business must-reads you might have missed this July.”


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