5 Must-Reads for Business: August 2017 - FP Advance

5 Must-Reads for Business: August 2017

BY brett

Best Business Wisdom: August 2017 | FP Advance

Must-reads in case you missed them

With the last bank holiday of the year behind us and back to school on its way, it’s time to get back to business. Here are some great must-read articles we shared on FP Advance social media this August to help ease you back into getting things done.

Some really interesting ideas to apply to your business. Well worth a read.

Have You Ever Turned Down a Promotion?

Mark Tibergien


Here’s an interesting one. What would you do if your successor told you they didn’t want to become an owner of your business in the future?

This Think Advisor piece shines a light on a challenging and interesting conundrum for everyone involved.

How to practice effectively… for just about anything

Annie Bosler and Don Greene


Are you practicing and learning new skills? Or just doing the same things over and over, with no discernible improvement? If you want to accelerate learning of almost any skill, check this short TED-Ed video out.

For the readers I’d also recommend The Talent Code by Daniel Coyle.

This Email From Elon Musk to Tesla Employees Is a Master Class in Emotional Intelligence

Justin Bariso


Tesla, the electric-automobile manufacturer led by famed CEO Elon Musk, has struggled mightily with safety over the past few years. The injury rate at Tesla’s Fremont plant in California, was more than 30 percent higher than the industry average in 2014 and 2015 according to one source.

Have a look at how Elon Musk dealt with this difficult issue. It’s a lesson in leadership.

Inversion: The Crucial Thinking Skill Nobody Ever Taught You

James Clear


Want to innovate and solve difficult problems in your business or your life? Then check out this piece for some very practical strategies from James Clear.

Where does he find this stuff? Brilliant.

How to develop more confidence as a planner

Dave Grant


Here’s a brilliant piece for all advisers who are still trying to master the self-confidence thing (and I’m guessing that’s most of us).

A few great takeaways:

  1. Stay true to what you believe
  2. Act from an abundance mindset (i.e. there are more than enough clients for you, so you don’t need to secure every single one)
  3. Everyone struggles a bit with imposter syndrome (not feeling good enough).

Great article from Financial Planning magazine.

5 must-reads from the best and brightest in the business world: August edition


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