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Must-reads for your business: July 2020

BY brett

We’re over halfway through the year already, which is a perfect time for some stock-taking. July has seen some great must-read business articles. We shared them on FP Advance social media, but here they are if you missed them.

Take a little time out to give your brain and your business a boost.

1. How to pass the torch

Angie Herbers

If you are an existing business owner handing over to your successor/s (or you’re contemplating doing so), then this article is a MUST read. I’m thinking it’s the best piece I’ve ever read on succession because it nails the real issue. (And it’s not what you’re thinking). Check it out here.

2. Track your pipeline properly

Brett Davidson

Track Your Pipeline Properly FP Advance Web

If you can see more accurately 9 months ahead, it’s much easier to foresee future cashflow problems before they actually become problems. That’s how you ‘manage’ your business. You don’t react to stuff, you look ahead and plan strategically before something becomes a major issue. So you need to be tracking a different pipeline metric. 

Here’s how to do it right and gain better visibility on your future income. 

3. From despair to ‘getting there’

Brett Davidson

I have to be honest, I’ve wasted years of my life trying to “get there” fast. If there’s one piece of business wisdom I could pass on, it would be to quit trying to do things quickly. “Do it right and do it once” is the mantra, even if it takes weeks or months to fix each issue. What are you going to quit?

How to pass the torch and two more must-reads for your business

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