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The (not so new) trend and 3 more must-reads for your business

BY brett

Looking to get your year off to a flyer? Then here are a few popular articles that you may find useful to push that New Year energy in a positive direction for 2020.

Let’s start as we mean to go on.

1. Do you have 2020 vision?

Brett Davidson

Hand holding a globe with text 2020 for 2020 vision

If you’re a business owner who wants to carry on leading your business well into the future (regardless of your age), then you’ve got to have an eye on “what happens next?”; and it’s not more of the same.

Read on to find out my thoughts on the three big themes for Financial Planners in 2020.

2. Should you be working harder?

Brett Davidson

Man working harder at desk with empty coffee cups

Have you ever found yourself hitting the wall after a particularly busy stretch of work?

It’s easy to read about the hard-charging business legends in a biography and think maybe you’re not working hard enough, but I want to put that issue to bed right here.

Creativity needs time and space, not back-to-back meetings and endless to do lists. Read on to find out why I don’t subscribe to the work hard, play hard culture.

3. The (not so new) trend

Brett Davidson

Man sitting on a chair, surrounded by grey light bulbs and one bright one

There’s a new trend emerging; unbundling of the advice process. That is, you can get some advice, but don’t necessarily have to become an ongoing client of the advice firm.

Ok, it’s not actually new, but it’s making a comeback after years of neglect.

Read on to see why it might be the future of advice.

4. Cyborgs, Subscriptions and Other Observations From 2019

Brett Davidson

There were some major themes running through 2019. Did you notice what they were? For starters, hiring was tough!

I’ve never known a labour market so tight in my whole career (29 years). It didn’t matter who I spoke to, where they were located, or what position they were hiring for, it was incredibly tough to find suitable candidates.

Find out more about my themes for the year just gone.

The (not so new) trend and 3 more must-reads for your business

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