Must-reads for your business: August 2020 - FP Advance

Must-reads for your business: August 2020

BY brett

Holidays provide the perfect time to step away and re-align our goals and values. With back to school on its way, it’s time to get back to business. Here are some great must-read articles we shared on FP Advance social media this August to help ease you back into getting things done.

1. How to make your succession plan work

Brett Davidson

FP Advance - Succession Plan

If you’ve spent years working with, trusting and developing the person or persons who are taking over the business, then leave them to it. If they want your input, they’ll call you. It’s easy to read and accept what I’ve said intellectually, but it’s super hard to do in practice.

Personally, I love to see succession in our profession. If you can get it right, it perpetuates your amazing legacy.

2. When Subscription Fees Work

Christopher Robbins

Hand stacking money for raising fees

If you’re interested in a subscription fee type model for your business (and many people are), then this article is a great read.

3. Are you ready for act two?

Brett Davidson

Are you ready for act two FP Advance

You can do well, by doing good. Profits and long-term value are not created by taking shortcuts. So when you think about your financial planning business, start thinking about the societal impact you can have.

You can build a business that navigates changing times and continues to deliver for clients, suppliers, shareholders, staff and your community.

How to make your succession plan work and two more must-reads for your business

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