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5 Must-Reads for Business: Feb 2018

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If the winter weather has driven you indoors and you’re up for some reading to while away the hours, here are some great must-read articles we shared on FP Advance’s social media this February. Hopefully they’ll inspire you to get to work whatever the weather and help your business grow.

How I Changed the Growth Trajectory of My Business in 3 Months

Julie Littlechild

Warning folks – this one could change your life. Here’s a great piece on the one change Julie Littlechild made that dramatically increased the performance and growth of her business in just three months. Please read it.

A Study Used Sensors to Show That Men and Women Are Treated Differently at Work

Stephen Turban, Laura Freeman and Ben Waber

The longer I’m around, the more I understand the built-in sexism in our society. Here is an interesting Harvard Business Review article that suggests that the difference in promotion rates between men and women is due not to their behaviour, but to how they are treated. This indicates that arguments about changing women’s behaviour — to ‘lean-in’ for example — might miss the bigger picture: Gender inequality is due to bias, not differences in behaviour.

How to Focus and Concentrate Better

James Clear

If you want to increase your focus and concentration then this article is an informative and entertaining one from James Clear. Find out how a lion tamer named Clyde Beatty learned a lesson that is so important it impacts nearly every area of your life today.

Developing Talent

 Mark Tibergien

Just because your grandparents walked five miles to school in bare feet through the snow, doesn’t mean your children should too. Times move on. Mark Tibergien argues that founding advisors have lived under an ‘eat what you kill’ mentality that they experienced as young professionals. They tend to lead with compensation as a means to recruit and keep staff, and they tend not to invest in training and development.

He says it takes between eight and 12 years to develop a young advisor to partnership level, and he proposes a five-step career ladder, from analyst to senior analyst to service advisor, to senior advisor, and finally to partner. You want to define the responsibilities and expectations at every level, including a description of ‘excellence’ for each position. Great read.

How the Power Of Kindness Impacts Your Life and Others

Tony Fahkry

As we get into 2018 this piece on remembering how important kindness is to the happiness of you and your community is very apt. If you want a nice reminder, this is a lovely read.

5 brilliant must-reads from this February to help you boost your business

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