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Best Business Wisdom from the Web: Autumn 2016

BY brett

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Finding the Best Online Reads

With Autumn on the way and the nights getting colder there’s more time to settle in with some great reads. For our FP Advance social media channels we hunt down content that is indispensable, eye-opening and thought-provoking, sharing links from some of the best and brightest in the business world.

Here are some of our most popular finds. Well worth a clicking on:

1. outsourceAdvisers: Nine reasons why you should outsource your administration

Gemma Dennis

Everyone knows I love the idea of outsourcing and practice it with a passion. I know it’s not a walk in the park, but if you can make it work the benefits are big. Here’s a great blog from a firm that provides outsourced administration support to advisers. I love the thinking.

To be clear, I can’t vouch for the firm in question, and I receive no referral fee. It’s the concept I want you to consider for your business. However, Richard Allum and his team have a very solid reputation.

client-reviews2. Are Client Reviews Failing Clients?

Julie Littlechild

Here’s a fantastic piece from Julie Littlechild of Absolute Engagement, and it’s all about how clients might feel after having their annual review meeting with you. Would they leave the meeting and drive home feeling like they had more energy? Or less energy?

Read on for the full set of amazing insights and how to improve things.

raise-prices3. Why You Should Raise Prices

Joshua Brown

Here’s an interesting idea. Put your prices up. There’s a whole rationale here and I recommend a read. Let’s not let ourselves get caught up in a race to the bottom like so many other industries. Great advice has real value. You can charge for it.

I saw this on Jim Stackpool of Certainty Advice Group‘s, twitter (@jstackpool). Thanks, Jim.

recruiting-next-gen-gravediggers-dilemma4. What Advisors Can Learn From the Gravedigger’s Dilemma

Mark Tibergien

Financial planners say they’re different to financial advisers. Life planners say they’re different to financial planners. Basically, in Insurance everyone reckons their way of charging, planning, advising and doing it, is better. It’s super confusing for consumers and Mark Tibergien has a suggestion for promoting the positives in our profession rather than infighting.

Interestingly it’s based on an idea from Hungarian gravediggers. Gotta love that.

goldilocks-rule5. The Goldilocks Rule: How to Stay Motivated in Life and Business

James Clear

I like this piece from James Clear on motivation. It covers how to stay motivated in life and business. Well worth a read.

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