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5 Must-Reads for Your Business: March 2018

BY brett

5 must-reads for business management

Spring clean your business thinking

Spring has officially sprung, and it’s about time you started to get things in shape for the season. Here is a collection of some great must-read business articles we shared on FP Advance social media this March to get you going.

There are some challenging ideas and some great advice. Well worth a read.

Netflix encourages employees to interview at other companies — here’s why

Shana Lebowitz

This one might rub some people the wrong way, but all the more reason to check it out in my opinion. Netflix encourages employees to interview at other companies, and to talk with their managers about what they learn. The company’s former chief talent officer, Patty McCord, says it can help you learn how much you’re worth and clarify your professional goals. It can even help you find people to recruit to your current company.

Netflix’s approach to people management can come off as logical but harsh, yet they are consistently rated by their staff as an amazing place to work.

3 Ways Advisors Can Trust the Growth Process

Angie Herbers

Angie Herbers says, “Sure, there are some basic principles for growing businesses, but simply knowing the principles isn’t enough. You also must know when and how to apply them. Part of this wisdom comes from experience. After you’ve observed enough businesses, you start to get an idea of what works under different circumstances.

You also come to realise that you never really know something until you try it. In other words, the key to building a successful advisory business isn’t a formula; it’s a process — a learning process.”

This is the Scientific Way to Win Any Argument (and Not Make Enemies)

David Hoffeld

When I read this I thought it was less about ‘winning’ arguments and more about communicating more effectively. I know that most advisers reading this newsletter are really switched on regarding communication and how to do it better. This article will provide a simple quick win for improving your communication, even with people who see things differently to you.

Stop Doubling Down on Your Failing Strategy

Freek Vermeulen and Niro Sivanathan

I loved this piece in Harvard Business Review. There are some great examples of the decline of brands we knew and loved; HMV music stores, Nokia, and Kodak. The article dissects why we hold on to bad ideas, and provides some step-by-step guidance on how to address that.

Fascinating read and great thinking material for all business owners.

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos: Lessons in Management

Jeff Bezos

Here’s an awesome video of Jeff Bezos, CEO at Amazon, talking about a range of issues including leadership. Grab a coffee and listen to all 36 minutes (or at least go to 18:02 to listen to the main job of a senior leader!). It’s a master’s in business leadership.

5 of March’s must-reads from around the net
to boost your business and get you thinking this Spring


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