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Get stuck in! Just click on ‘Modules’ over on the left-hand side menu.

There is more helpful information which can be accessed via the different menu options on the left-hand side so take a minute to explore!

If you need to get in touch at anytime, you can message Brett in the Forum or you can book a 30 minute call with Brett using his Calendly here.


If you haven’t already, you will shortly receive an email invitation to join the Uncover Your Business Potential community on Circle. Please click the button in that email to “Accept invitation”.

Once you have done this, every time you click on Forum on the left-hand side menu, you will be taken directly to the UYBP Graduates Forum within Circle where you can ask questions and start discussions with other UYBP Graduates.

Book Club

If you’re a ‘keener’ looking for some extra study, or you just love a great book to help grow your business, then be sure to take a look at our Book Club. 

You’ll notice that within each of the monthly modules there’s a Recommended Read (sometimes more than one). But I’ve read so many amazing books that I wanted to list them all in one place, so you can have a library of vetted and recommended reads to choose from.

There’s no duds on the list. (I’ve read some duds, but I didn’t add them here. You’re welcome).

I’ve grouped the books under various headings: Sport to Business Lessons, Business Books, Biographies, Personal Development, and Articles. 

Click here to pop into Book Club now and take a look around.