Video Bundle 8 - FP Advance

Video Bundle 8

Converting New Clients

Video Bundle 8

Who’s It For?

  • Owner-Advisers
  • Self-Employed Advisers
  • Employed Advisers
  • Practice Managers


Securing new clients is one of the fine arts in financial planning.

Yes, it’s a sales process and that can be problematic for some advisers. This support package takes you on a step-by-step journey through all aspects of engaging with a brand new prospective client so you can evaluate and modify your current approach (where necessary) to increase your conversion rate.

When you conduct a first meeting, you have to blow the client away.

‘Fine’, or ‘good enough’ or ‘Ok’, is definitely not the standard. Anything less than amazing and you can find yourself on the back foot with what you can charge for your work, and that’s no damn good.

When you meet a new client, it’s important to set their expectations around what financial planning is (not what they think it is). I’ll show you how to set the scene and control the first meeting easily and effortlessly.

Then I’ll show you how to present your recommendations in a compelling way that re-ignites the client’s emotional engagement.

Now you’ll have an end-to-end sales process that’s client-focused and converts.

What you get

10 video training modules with accompanying workbooks, pdfs and cheat sheets to help you conduct each phase of the new client engagement process like a true professional.

  • Video 1: The New Client Engagement Process
  • Video 2: Initial Contact With A New Client
  • Video 3: Getting Clients Into Your Office (and seeing couples together)
  • Video 4: Getting Started
  • Video 5: The First Meeting Storyboard
  • Video 6: The Power Questions
  • Video 7: The Close
  • Video 8: The Discovery Meeting
  • Video 9: The Strategy Presentation Meeting
  • Video 10: Onboarding And Implementation

Your investment

£999 (which includes your VAT)

(If you’re based outside the UK and are not subject to VAT, when you click to “Buy Now” you will be able to select your country and it will automatically remove the VAT)