Video Bundle 6 - FP Advance

Video Bundle 6

Managing Your Time Effectively

Video Bundle 6

Who’s It For?

  • Owner-Advisers
  • Self-Employed Advisers
  • Employed Advisers
  • Practice Managers


Most advisers have to-dos hiding all over the place, so they don’t have total visibility on their real workload. This lack of visibility not only keeps you stuck but has you scratching your head wondering why there’s always just a little more to do than you thought.

If you want to be effective rather than just productive, you need to plan your week before you start it. Following this process changed the quality of my working life and I still use it to this day.

What you get

3 video training modules with accompanying workbooks, pdfs and cheat sheets to help you get maximum value from your limited time.

  • Video 1: The Four To Do Lists
  • Video 2: Planning Your Week Like A Pro
  • Video 3: Prioritising Your Day

Your investment

£149 (which includes your VAT)

(If you’re based outside the UK and are not subject to VAT, when you click to “Buy Now” you will be able to select your country and it will automatically remove the VAT)