Video Bundle 4 - FP Advance

Video Bundle 4

Pricing Your Service Perfectly

Video Bundle 4

Who’s It For?

  • Owner-Advisers


If you want to get your pricing strategy right, there are three important issues to consider:

Firstly, you need to understand how your clients are thinking about pricing decisions. So that’s exactly where we start the pricing journey, with client decision making in three easy steps.

Secondly, you can’t pluck a price out of thin air. Any decision you make regarding your pricing needs to be made in the context of your range of services.

And thirdly, now that you understand the broader context in which you will make your pricing decisions, you’ve got to put yourself in the client’s shoes and see where they perceive the big value-add is in your advice process. Then you can charge in those places, making life more enjoyable for you and your clients.

This package of support takes you through those three issues in a step-by-step fashion.

What you get

5 video training modules with accompanying workbooks, pdfs and cheat sheets to help you get your pricing spot on for your business.

  • Video 1: Pricing Your Service Perfectly
  • Video 2: Pricing In Context
  • Video 3: More Context For Your Pricing Decisions
  • Video 4: Matching Price To Value
  • Video 5: Creating Your Own Pricing Approach

Your investment

£499 (which includes your VAT)

(If you’re based outside the UK please contact us regarding a VAT-free purchase)