Video Bundle 10 - FP Advance

Video Bundle 10

Working Effectively With Professional Connections

Video Bundle 10

Who’s It For?

  • Owner-Advisers
  • Self-Employed Advisers
  • Practice Managers


Before you start running around chasing professional introducers there are some important concepts you have to know. Otherwise, you could waste years of your life and never get the referrals you were hoping for.

Professional introducers are not some homogeneous blob.

Some firms work with clients that look very similar to your target market, and lots of them don’t. So step 1 is getting clear on whether it’s even worth your time chasing a particular professional person or firm. Sounds obvious, but you’d be surprised how few advisers take the time to sort and classify their professional prospects.

It’s also a business-to-business (B2B) sales process.

The minute I discovered that it was different from the business-to-consumer (B2C) approach I used with my personal financial planning clients, suddenly everything made sense.

In this package of support I take you through the B2B sales process I developed through years of blood, sweat and tears, so you can avoid shedding any of your own (blood, sweat and tears that is).

What you get

5 video training modules with accompanying workbooks, pdfs and cheat sheets to help you filter out unsuitable professional firms and create lasting relationships with a select few firms that love what you do.

  • Video 1: Key Concepts
  • Video 2: Sorting And Classifying Professional Firms
  • Video 3: The B2B Sales Process
  • Video 4: The Capital Value Model
  • Video 5: More B2B Sales Process

Your investment

£599 (which includes your VAT)

(If you’re based outside the UK please contact us regarding a VAT-free purchase)