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Brett on-demand:
The consulting support you need, when you need it

Do you want Brett Davidson on demand?

Imagine if every time you faced a business challenge, like “how do I find more clients?” or “how do I get the right support around me?” or “how should I price my services?” you shouted “get me Brett Davidson!” and I appeared, right there in your office next to the photocopier.

Imagine no more.

Uncover Your Business Potential Online now gives you the consulting support you need when you need it, taking your business to the next level.

There are three ‘live’ Zoom coaching sessions (every month):

  • A 2-hour training session (yes, there’s a replay)
  • A 1-hour follow up Q&A – so you can implement what you’ve learned
  • Office Hours – where you can ask me anything

You can access the A-Z of building a world-class financial planning business step-by-step 24/7, 365 days a year:

  • With 70+ self-study video modules (and new modules added every month)
  • MP3 versions of everything too, so you can listen in your car or on the run
  • Cheat sheets and workbooks to get maximum value from every module

AND THERE’S BRETT ON DEMAND (sorry to shout, but I’m excited!)

  • Access me directly via the desktop Forum or mobile phone app
  • Same day answers to your questions or issues
  • Never stay stuck

All this for just £199 per month
(which includes your VAT)


Who Is It For?

Uncover Your Business Potential Online is for anyone who wants to take their financial planning business to the next level of success.

Advisers join my community when they’re looking to:

  • Take things up a notch (or three)
  • Improve their processes and their team
  • Sell the business 2 or 3 years into the future
  • Hand over control to a successor or family member
  • Create future leaders within their business
  • Have more fun at work
  • Make the final phase of their career their best ever

Have you ever said:

“I want a business that runs like clockwork, instead of running my life.”

“I want a team that lets me focus on what I’m good at — but building and leading a team isn’t my skill set.”

“I’m doing okay, but I’m working way too hard for the results I’m getting.”

“Other financial planners seem to be killing it and having a ball while they work. What do they know that I don’t?”

“I’m ambitious damnit! How do I get there faster?”

All this for just £199 per month
(which includes your VAT)


Uncover Your Business Potential Online is, without doubt, the best resource available for financial planners looking to grow their business and improve the quality of their lives.

Andrew Neligan
Neligan Financial

Why I Created Uncover Your Business Potential Online

With the costs of industry levies and professional indemnity insurance rising at an astronomical rate, many independent owner-advisers feel threatened.

And I hate that.

Independently owned firms provide the highest quality advice and the best customer care. They should be the dominant business model, not fighting for survival.

And the consulting support available to business owners is way too expensive. So I disrupted my own cushy business model (along with all those other expensive day rate consultants too).

Now you can get the consulting support you need (directly from me) for one low, all-you-can-eat monthly investment.

Don’t let regulation and costs drive you into the arms of an unsuitable home.

If you can master some business fundamentals (and you can), you will operate profitably and happily under your own control, feeling confident about your future.

I’ve helped hundreds of owner-operated financial planning firms reach that place.

I can help you do it too. It’s the most exciting journey on the planet.

What You Get

Working with me creates a business transformation that lasts forever.
I’ll teach you a set of skills that will set you up for the rest of your business life.
Imagine a business... that’s runs like clockwork

You have your hands firmly on the reins of your business. You’re in control.

Imagine a business... where every person on your team knows their job inside out

No one needs to be ‘managed’ or told what to do, so you spend time on the jobs you love and are good at.

Imagine a business... that can compete with anyone

Delivering outstanding and consistent customer service in a low-stress way. The big-branded competitors can’t touch you.

Imagine a business... with a reputation so solid that the new enquiries just keep on coming

Marketing isn’t even a thing for you, it happens organically.

Imagine a business...that makes real profits (over and above your personal income)

The profit makes everything worthwhile and gives you the financial buffer to be sustainable and resilient no matter what gets thrown at you.

Want to take a sneak peek behind the scenes? Let me take you on a guided video tour and give you a taste of what you’ll find when you become a member.


One More Time

  • Unlimited access to “Brett on demand” via the UYBP-Online App.
  • A ‘live’ 2-hour training session held on Zoom each month, with a follow-up Q&A session 1 month later.
  • A 1-hour Office Hours call each month, where you can ask me anything
  • Self-study video training modules available 24/7, structured as a step-by-step learning programme
  • MP3 versions of all videos (so you can listen in the car or on the run)
  • Downloadable workbooks and cheat-sheets to get maximum value from every piece of learning
  • A members-only Forum (where you can ask questions of other members)
  • A book club, where I share the best business books that I’ve read

For me, it’s all about accountability. The monthly group Zoom meetings are a reminder to get things done. If a month has passed and my business hasn’t progressed, I’m inspired to push on again.

Tim Walsham
Claritas Wealth Management

The Time Is Now

Time flies.

Before you know it this year will have passed you by, too.

How do you want to be feeling in 12 months time?

Excited? Challenged? Growing?

You know what they say: “when’s the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago. The second best time? Today.”

I’ll see you inside!

Only £199 per month
(which includes your VAT)


Do you want results like these?

The UYBP programme literally supercharged our progress. We rapidly gained clarity on our business plan and the steps we needed to take. Our clients now receive a full-fat and outstanding financial planning experience that’s built on a solid and sustainable foundation. UYBP has transformed our business across the board.

—Tracey and Derek Evans
Juno Wealth Management

Or how about these numbers from my client Holland Hahn & Wills (who say they’re finally doing the best work of their careers)?:

up 109%
up 161%
up 107%
up from
0% to 27%
£405,000 to

These businesses have been using my proven Uncover Your Business Potential process to reach their next level. Now you can, too (and all without leaving the house).

Finally, there’s a way to have the Uncover Your Business Potential framework in your pocket. You can build a powerfully profitable, and personally sustainable, Financial Planning business that you genuinely love.

Only £199 per month (includes VAT)