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Month 27 – Your Team (Part 2)

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Video 70: The First Four Hires
Video 71: In-House vs Outsourced Staff

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Video 70: The First Four Hires

Not approaching your first four hires with the right mindset causes many of the problems advisers face when they’re in that difficult phase from startup to say £500,000 – £600,000 of annual revenue. In this video I help you get clear on how good these first four hires need to be.

Video 71: In-House vs Outsourced Staff

One of the benefits of modern business is being able to access high-quality outsourced support. In this video I walk you through all the issues you’ll want to consider as you assemble your support team. I also share what I’ve seen and what I’m seeing out in the marketplace so you can decide which approach or mix of approaches will work best for you.

Online Resources & Downloads

• How To Implement This Module – Month 27

The First Four Hires (PowerPoint)

• In-House vs Outsourced Staff (PowerPoint)

MP3 Audio Podcasts

The First Four Hires
In-House vs Outsourced Staff

Recommended Reading

Dare To Lead
by Brene Brown

This is one of my favourite books on leadership. As you’d expect from Brene Brown it’s full of practical examples and focuses on how to perfect your own leadership approach.