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How To Get Sh*t Done

I’ve called this mini course, “How To Get Sh*t Done”, but I should have called it “How To Get The RIGHT Sh*t Done.”

If you find you’re crazy busy all the time, then it’s highly likely you’re working on a bunch of stuff that’s just not that important. Completing this mini-course will help fix that.

Don’t let yourself stay fake-busy, working on stuff that isn’t going to take you forward.

How can you break this habit?

The first step is realising that if you don’t find at least some time each week to work on yourself and your business, things are never going to change.


Download How To Get Sh*t Done

If you’re too busy to wait the 3 seconds it will take to download the guide above (which makes me think you REALLY need this mini-course), here are the steps for you below:

Step 1: Find a regular time and place to study for 1 hour per week

Commit 1 hour every single week, without fail, to studying and working on yourself and your business.

Find a time in your diary right now where you can sit down and watch some videos (like the ones listed below).

Can you do this from home? Or in a local cafe with some headphones on?

I want you to pick a place where you won’t be interrupted for an hour.

That probably isn’t in the office, unless you can barricade the door and unplug the phone. I don’t want your team, your spouse, or your kids to be able to get hold of you for this one hour per week. It’s got to be quiet time so you can focus and think.

Block out the time now for the next 4 weeks. Make it a recurring commitment. Same time. Same place.

Come on. What’s the worst that can happen? Give it a try. I promise you it’s worth it.

Step 2: Do your first hour of study right now (or as soon as you possibly can)

Go and do your first hour of study right now if you can. Or tonight, or tomorrow morning before you start your day.

It’s going to make you feel good about yourself.

In your very first hour of study time I want you to watch Video 1: The Four To Do Lists.

Here’s the schedule I want you to follow. It’s not onerous at all, because I know you’re already super-busy. But I know you can follow this schedule if you want to improve.

Week 1: Watch Video 1 – The Four To Do Lists

Week 2: Watch Video 2 – Weekly Planning

Week 3: Watch Video 3 – Daily Planning

Week 4: Watch Videos 4 & 5 – The Weekly Meeting and A Step-By-Step Guide To Your Weekly Meeting

(Note: When you’ve watched these final two videos, you’ll probably need another hour to put into action what you’ve been taught.)

You’ll find all of the videos and the online resources that accompany each one here.


Daily Planning Template


Weekly Planning Template


Beware The Four To Do Lists

Keep In Touch

If you get stuck on any of the steps, don’t stay stuck. Drop me an email directly to [email protected] and I’ll get you unstuck.

You can also drop me a line as you experience some wins from completing the videos.
I’d love to hear about it.

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