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Being a great financial planner doesn’t make you a great
business person. But I can.

What is Uncover Your Business Potential?

Uncover Your Business Potential is a 3 year, in-person coaching programme for the owners of financial planning firms, who know there’s still more value that can be created from their business asset.

Now in its seventh year, Uncover Your Business Potential is the go-to course for professionals just like you, who want to:

Increase revenue and profitability
Feel more in control
Make better decisions
And get stuff done

Whether you’re in the early stages of your career, or established and looking to go further, Uncover Your Business Potential will challenge you to be the best version of yourself and a force for good in our amazing profession.

Many advisory businesses survive, yet don’t quite thrive the way their owners imagined when they started out.

Are you one of them?​

5 common signs your business isn’t performing optimally


You work too hard: It might not look like you’re under pressure to an outside observer; we get pretty good at covering this up. But the bags under your eyes don’t lie.


You feel like you work for your staff: Remember, they’re supposed to work for you. Do jobs keep bouncing back to you? When it feels easier to just do things yourself, you’re headed for trouble.


You don’t earn enough: You hear stories of other advisers earning £100,000 – £200,000 as their basic package with profit distributions on top of that and think: “Why aren’t I earning that sort of money?”


You’re the bank: When trouble strikes, it’s your income that drops, while everyone else is still paid their going rate. You work late, while they pack up and head home in time for shepherd’s pie with the kids.


Your business makes too little profit: You make a net profit margin (before tax) of 0% – 15% of turnover. A good net profit margin is 25% or more of turnover (before tax and after you’ve been paid a fair market salary). This is your return for the risks you take and the capital you’ve invested.

Any of this ring true?​

You don’t have to put up with this stuff. It’s all fixable.


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Who is Uncover Your Business Potential best suited for?

Uncover Your Business Potential, is for the owners of financial planning firms who want to be truly client-centred, making great profits, and making a difference.

Our ideal delegates look like one of these:

Ambitious Early-Stagers

You’ve got yourself a toe-hold but want to build the team and infrastructure that will lay the foundations for future growth. You’re going somewhere.

Established (But Know There’s More)

You’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt. Other folks think you’ve done pretty well, but you know there’s more in the tank and you want to get it out before your time’s up. (I love people like you)

We meet once every 90 days in London for a full day of group coaching, delivered by me, Brett Davidson, personally.

I’m also available throughout the course to answer any specific issues you need addressed. You can get me via Slack, email, Zoom, or on the phone.

Each group coaching day is video recorded and stored on a members-only portal, along with all handouts, cheat sheets and course workbooks. All graduates get lifetime access so you can go back and review modules at your leisure, or show them to other members of your team.

While the course runs over 3 years, you don’t have to commit for the full 3 years. You’re invited to subscribe for 12 months at a time.

We strictly limit the number of firms we accept for each round, to make sure you receive personal attention and get to connect closely with the other adviser/owners.

Who teaches Uncover Your Business Potential?

I do. Me. Brett Davidson.

Professional Adviser magazine rated me one of the Top 50 Most Influential People in UK financial services on three occasions.

I ran my own financial planning business for 14 years in Australia, taking it from:

  • An old-model insurance business…
  • To a new-model financial planning business…
  • Right through to a personal sale and exit

I’ve worked it from A to Z, and since 2004 as a business consultant to advisers in the UK, I’ve helped many of them do it too.

I’m famous for my “Little Black Book” of powerhouse contacts; the industry gems who support you with compliance, marketing, practice management, HR, technology, outsourced paraplanning and administration.

I bring in a few of these experts as external presenters for the odd session and I know the difference between an imposter and an expert. The world is full of imposters, but none of them are presenting here on my course.

I’ve spoken at conferences for The Personal Finance Society, the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI), and the Financial Planning Institute of Southern Africa (FPI).

I practice what I preach. I’m straight talking and get to the heart of an issue quickly. There’s no beating about the bush, just a focus on helping things improve.

When does Uncover Your Business Potential start?

We only have one intake per year, kicking off in June.

However, we start taking bookings during March. Once our places are gone, they’re gone.

Want to stay in-the-know about Uncover Your Business Potential?

You can join our waitlist here.


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What’s your investment?

Your course costs are payable monthly: £650 per month plus VAT.

And we charge per firm, not per person. (Hooray!)


  • If you want to bring your other business partners to each session (which I highly recommend) it’s all included in the one monthly fee.
  • If you want to bring your Practice Manager along to every session, it’s all included in the one monthly fee.
  • If you want to bring your advisers along to the days on selling skills, it’s all included in the one monthly fee.

You get the gist.

The combined hours you’ll spend with me at my current consulting rate would cost you between £24,000 and £36,000 plus VAT per year (if I were even able to offer that kind of time).

Uncover Your Business Potential offers you great value at £650 per month plus VAT – you pay far less and get to make great connections with like-minded firms and still get my eyes on your business.

Uncover Your Business Potential allows you to get going without having to find a massive up-front investment.

It’s safe too.

If for any reason you hate the course (you won’t, but let’s say you do), you can just stop paying. There’s no lock-in period or getting weird about money. I promise not to send the lawyers after you. I hate lawyers.

If you stop paying, I’ll stop letting you in the room. Sound fair enough?

It all starts with you.

How would it feel to have a winning financial planning business without losing your soul?

Is this the year you’ll start to see bigger profits?

Is this the year you’ll be able to take that extended summer holiday with your family while your company hums along without you?

Is this the year you’ll go from toughing it out…to having a lucrative, meaningful business that will set you up for life?

In other words —

Is this the year you’ll join our course, Uncover Your Business Potential?


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If you can uncover the potential in your business, life will change. You’ll see:

A substantial rise in personal income and a sharp increase in profitability, with no conflict of interest.

More time to spend playing with your kids, lying on white sandy beaches with the love of your life, or watching that boxset, uninterrupted (when you’ve got the whole house to yourself).

The feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment that comes from doing something meaningful.

Want to get your business firing on all cylinders?

Then join me and an amazing group of motivated business owners for Uncover Your Business Potential 2020.


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Whether you’re in the early stages of your career, or established and looking to go further, Uncover Your Business Potential will challenge you to be the best version of yourself and a force for good in our amazing profession.

Client Testimonials

Marlene Outrim:
Simon White:
Jason Holmes:
Why Did You Create Uncover Your Business Potential?


Set up a call with me - UYBP In Person

The UYBP programme literally supercharged our progress. We rapidly gained clarity on our business plan and the steps we needed to take. Our clients now receive a full-fat and outstanding financial planning experience that’s built on a solid and sustainable business foundation. UYBP has transformed our business across the board.

—Tracey and Derek Evans
Juno Wealth Management (Class of 2017)