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Learn to Trust Your Thinking

Decisions, Decisions Have you ever made a decision under pressure and found it wasn’t so great? I’m sure we’ve all done that at one point or another. Has this dented your confidence or eroded your ability to trust your own decision-making in any way? At FP Advance we learnt a …

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Focus: A Call To Action

One of the great frustrations of running your own business is feeling like you’re on a treadmill, or stuck at your current level of growth. Of course, this happens to everyone from time to time but if you’ve been stuck for a while and want to start moving forward again, …

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Back Office Efficiency

Is your back office working as efficiently as it could? This week I take a look at some of the common symptoms of back office inefficiency issues and offer a simple strategy to overcome it. The topic of back office efficiency has been in my sights of late; it always …

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Addressing Owner Dependency

The Curse Of The High-Producing Owner In most advice businesses the Owner/Adviser is the best producer in the organisation. This can be both a blessing and a curse, and creates a degree of owner dependency. The Blessing It’s a blessing because all businesses that work have a rainmaker, who is …

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Setting Your Business Vision

Everyone knows the benefit of having a clear business vision and strategy! Or do they? The benefits of a clear strategy It’s imperative for all firms to have a clear business vision and to effectively communicate that vision to their employees. Without a clear business vision, there are bound to …

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