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How to Show Clients You’re ‘Worth It’, and 4 more must reads for your business

Reset and refresh Hard to believe but we’re at the end of the first quarter of 2019 already. I know you have your quarterly review to do, but you also you need to make sure you give your mindset a refresh too. One of the best ways to do that …

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The Best Tech for Your Team, and 4 more must-reads for your business

Ready for a new season? Spring is weeks away and many firms are preparing themselves for a shake up in the new season. Here are a five articles from February that really got me thinking, just in case you missed them on our social media. I hope they do the …

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Two Simple Rules for Better Leadership

Learn to lead Verne Harnish, author of Scaling Up says, “De-hassle, don’t de-motivate.” If you’re in an ownership, leadership, or management role in your business then this applies to you. Most adviser-owners find themselves in a leadership or management role by default. They started out as great technicians and/or salespeople. …

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Why the Financial Advisor Market Isn’t Shrinking, and 4 more must-reads for your business

Starting fresh Change is inevitable as a new year arrives, but that doesn’t have to mean change for the worse. In fact, if we move with the times, this could well be your best year so far. Here are a few articles I have found useful this month to push …

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5 Things to Focus on for 2019

Start afresh Whatever you do this year, don’t just start where you left off last year. In the first week or two of your return, you’ve got an opportunity to review and reset. Hopefully you’re feeling rested and refreshed after some time off; the perfect time to look at how …

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