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Delegate & Elevate

A Workshop Designed to Help You Get the Most From Your Team

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If you don’t have the right support team in place, work just bounces back to your desk. You start to feel like you work for your team, rather than them working for you. They go home at 5 o’clock while you stay late to get the work done that they’ve given back to you.

It doesn’t make sense and it’s really frustrating.

Our next workshop on Thursday 9th June, Delegate and Elevate – Getting The Most From Your Team (no matter how big or small), shows you how to get this vital part of your business sorted.

Who Will Benefit From Delegate & Elevate?

The information we’re covering applies to firms of all sizes.

If you’re a small firm we’ll show you how to assemble a high performing, low cost team using virtual support. That’s how we do it at FP Advance and we can show you how to do it too.

If you’re a larger firm then assembling a great mix of resources using in-house staff and virtual or external suppliers is a must. We’ve helped loads of our consulting clients to get this mix just right, improving:

  • Revenue per adviser
  • Revenue per staff
  • And overall net profitability

Not to mention making work a whole lot more enjoyable for everyone in the business.

Here’s an Overview of What We’ll be Covering at the Delegate & Elevate Workshop:

  • Are you fake busy? And is it exacerbated by the wrong team?
  • Mastering delegation once and for all
  • Right people, right jobs – how to make your business and your life work
  • When should you hire a new person?
  • How to do a break even analysis for new hires
  • Virtual support – when to use it and how to make it work brilliantly
  • How to get back to doing what only you can do (and love)
  • How to evaluate your existing team for fit
  • Getting more from your existing team
  • Increasing the fun factor for everyone at work (you most of all)
  • Recruitment strategies that work – and how to implement them if you’ve sucked at recruiting in the past
  • Real life case studies (so you know what good looks like)

I’ll also have one of my operational experts, Dominika Sieradzka, joining us on the day to present a couple of sessions and on hand to answer your questions personally throughout the day. Ask anyone who’s worked with Domi; she’s a legend when it comes to resolving operational and team issues.

Secure Your Place

I’ve been working on this area non-stop with my consulting clients over the last few years as it’s one of the biggest blockages to growing successfully. I’ve helped businesses just like yours sort out their team.

Want to spend more time seeing clients and helping people? Want to spend less time doing “management stuff” (a euphemism for crappy jobs)? Then you’ve got to get your support team right.

Join me on Thursday 9th June at the Hallam Conference Centre in London, it’s going to be a fantastic day!