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Hey, we’ve just been talking on the Personal Finance Society webinar about turning your business around and A 5 Point Plan For Getting Things Back On Track.

I hope you got some great ideas out of it. 

You’re here because you want the freebie. Everyone loves a freebie. (Me too!)

Remember, your value isn’t just confined to investment performance and what you’re about to download will help you see that in seconds.

This amazing tool is called The Value Added Checklist, and I designed it specifically for advisers to help them see, understand and explain the value added to their clients. 

It will help you quickly identify over 30 different places that you add value for clients, in cash, that are not investment-related.

In the current climate, the ability to help clients see and understand your value is essential. 

You want clients to be sticking to their plan right now, not selling out at the bottom of the market. And if you can help clients see and understand ALL the value you add (rather than focusing on just the investment performance), you can keep clients on track and retain the revenue they pay you. 

It’s a win/win situation.

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I never sell your information to anyone else. Never ever! (But you knew that. I’m straight up and down).

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