Deep client insights - FP Advance

Deep client insights

Up close and personal

Expert financial planning changes lives. It can lead to feelings of utter elation. Client and you.

You need to dig deep to discover genuine wants and needs. You also need to be able to explain yourself.

Our process helps you to

  • Segment your entire database
  • Develop your proposition for each client group
  • Start and complete real conversations
  • Explain your value add
  • Set expectations
  • Close deals
  • Maintain long term relationships

Financial advisers we’ve reached tell us:

“An existing client was so impressed with the service proposition that FP Advance designed for us that he decided to increase his current fees by £2,000 per annum and happily signed a standing order to do so! This occurred after just the first stage of the FP Advance business transition process” Martin Turbin

“I now have the full tool bag to get started with prospective clients” Jim Cooper

“What you provide is like gold dust. You can take it, use it and see results straight away” Simon Brown

“In our first few weeks of implementation, we have gained two new clients already on an ongoing fee basis and we have four more in the pipeline” Neil Parker