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Behind the scenes – Uncover Your Business Potential

If you want more help on how to run amazing client review meetings, I’ve got training materials on things like creating your processes, demonstrating your value-added to clients, creating a one-page scorecard and loads more. You can find all of that in my online membership community, Uncover Your Business Potential Online. Here’s a really short behind-the-scenes video tour, so you can see what it’s like inside after you join. 

Wait, there’s more…

Take a look at the list of video coaching modules below. Yes, all of this stuff is already live in Uncover Your Business Potential Online and there’s loads more to come in the next few months. 

  • How To Price Your Service Perfectly 
  • Marketing Your Business Effectively (to improve lead flow)
  • Adviser Selling Skills
  • The Business Management Essentials Pack 
  • How To Elegantly Disengage From Unsuitable Clients 
  • Creating Your Client Service Packages 
  • Understanding Your Business Financials
  • Personal Effectiveness For Business Owners
  • Working With Professional Connections
  • Creating A Killer Ongoing Review Service
  • Creating An Excellent Annual Review Process
  • Turnaround Your Business – A 5 Point Plan For Getting Things Back On Track

Come and join a community of like-minded business owners.