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Thinking of Leaving UYBP?

I’m sorry to hear you’re thinking of leaving UYBP, but I understand.

When you joined Uncover Your Business Potential, you made the decision to grow your business. You were probably excited to get started and had an amazing sense of motivation and inspiration. 

What’s happened since then?

Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall and you aren’t growing? Are you lost on what to do next? Is there too much to do and you don’t know where to start? Or are you struggling to find enough time to dedicate to it?

I am totally committed to helping you grow, whatever it takes. Before you pull the pin, why not set up a call and let’s discuss whatever it is that’s making you feel like you need to leave the programme. 

If you still want to leave after that call, that’s fine with me. You know I never do hard sell, I’d just really like to understand the issues you’re facing so that I can help and if necessary make changes to the programme for the delegates of the future. 

Also, rest assured that whatever happens, you’ll always be welcomed back into the UYBP programme to pick up where you left off, or even to start again (without having to pay again for the months you’ve already paid for so far). 

Please use the form below to email me and we’ll get a time set up for a call asap. 

– Brett


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