CHECK your business fitness - FP Advance

CHECK your business fitness

Make better, informed decisions

It’s hard to reach your true potential without insightful information.

Our FP Advance Business Fitness Report will help.

It checks:

  • Client management capability and focus
  • Home base planning and structure
  • External reputation and quality of output
  • Capability: people, performance, IT
  • Key performance numbers.

You’ll get insights about:

  • How you compare to other advisers?
  • What good performance looks like?
  • The areas that are holding you back
  • Actions to improve top and bottom line performance
  • Where to generated the most improvement?
  • What matters, what doesn’t?

Subscription gives you:

  • An objective assessment of your strengths and weaknesses
  • A benchmark to measure success
  • Online access within 48 hours
  • Results within 14 days.

Cost £295 + VAT or FREE if you attend one of our workshops